Backstage Pass
        Introducing The Globe Backstage Pass, our unique rewards program where guests earn points for  every dollar they spend.  Receive Globe Credit, Rewards, Discounts and access to Backstage Pass only promotions. Register online at our website to earn an extra 25 points, keep track of your points and use your account card free at the Globe! Signing up for a Backstage Pass is free and easy; just stop by The Globe and ask any of our staff how you can get started today!

  •     Earn 1 point every $1 dollar you spend at The Globe
  •     Receive $10 in gift card credit every 200 points you earn
  •     Special rewards at special point milestones (i.e. 1000, 5000, etc.)
  •     Add funds to your card at anytime, or use it as a Gift Card!
  •     Stay tuned to the Globe Facebook page for Backstage Pass events & promotions
  •     Register online on the Globe’s website and earn an extra 25 points, keep track of     your points and rewards & use your account at the Globe card free, just provide 
        the name, phone number or email address used  to register

    To register your card now, click here!

Stay tuned to The Globe Facebook page for Backstage Pass events & promotions.

Double Points Every Day, earn double Globe Points with your Backstage Pass Tuesday through Sunday, 2 to 4pm. That means guests receive $10 back for every $100 spent! 

Anyone who purchases anything from The Globe is eligible to receive a Globe Backstage Pass. The cards and information cards are kept at the Front Desk with the Hosts. Inform the Host on duty a customer wants a Backstage Pass and he or she will give you the necessary materials! If Someone gifts you with a Globe Gift Card, Gift Cards & Backstage Passes are one and the same!