The Globe Book Club

Hosted at the cultural hot spot in Worcester County, The Globe Book Club meets the first Thursday of each month upstairs in The Globe's cozy Balcony Art Gallery & Lounge.  Comfy couches and a semi private room provide just the right atmosphere for this group to gather, catchup with each other and discuss the most recent read.

The Globe offers a complimentary chef's choice appetizer and guests are more than welcome to purchase food and spirits from the full Globe menu. Attentive, cordial service is provided to guests and all are more than welcome to join the club at any time. No purchase necessary.

NOTE: Please check The Globe website for schedule changes regarding holidays or specials events along with the most updated reading list.

Upcoming Reads:

May 4th Book: Stuck In The Onesies- Diana McDonough


Barb and Ellie are best friends despite their very different life philosophies. As the 1960s swirl around them, Barb tries to hold on to traditional southern values while Ellie is happy to go with the flow and take change as it comes. The two hatch crazy schemes and egg each other on, but they also support each other through phenomenally difficult times.

Both women struggle with their image of the ideal woman—a Donna Reed–style housewife who always has dinner, a martini, and a smile ready for her husband. As their lives fall apart and come back together again, both Barb and Ellie reevaluate this paradigm of feminine virtue.

Along the way, they get involved with John F. Kennedy’s campaign, meet the First Lady, and get stuck in Washington, DC, during a full-scale riot—and that’s not the end of their adventures. Deadly serious events will shake them and their friendship. They can’t stop the changes of the sixties from affecting them, so they both need to decide if that image of the ideal woman is worth hanging on to—or if it’s just holding them back, keeping them stuck in the onesies.

June 1st Book: The Glove Slinger- Chris Conway

On his eighteenth birthday, Sam Grady won a Golden Gloves boxing championship. By this twenty-third, he was a combat veteran fighting on the battlefields of World War II. "The Glove Slinger" chronicles the life of a young boxer, following him from Golden Gloves champion to undefeated Army boxer. We then see the horrors of war through his eyes as a platoon sergeant fighting for his life and the lives of the men he leads. He could have sat out the war as an Army boxing champion, but this is not what Sam Grady wanted. He didn't join to fight other soldiers; he joined to fight the enemy. Once shipped overseas, leaving the love of his life behind, he ventures into the dangers and unknowns of war. The story is much more than about boxing and war -- it is the story of transition from boyhood to manhood, and the many life-changing decisions Grady is forced to make along the way. "The Glove Slinger" is a work of historical fiction, partly based on true events.

April 6 Book: I Let You Go - Claire Mackintosh